How Would You Help A Student Get Past Stage Fright?

Hey, I’m learning about vocal coaching at the minute and putting my efforts into practice by teaching some younger singers on a weekly basis. This blog is absolutely fantastic, through a lot of my research I’ve formed my own opinions of vocal training- everyone says different things!- but mine seem very similar to yours, I love this page!

I just wondered, if I’m in a situation where I have a singer who finds it difficult to perform due to being humiliated when she was a child, how would you handle that? It’s hard to tackle a subconscious fear of singing to others and obviously it will take time, but I just wondered if you had any advice?

Much appreciated!

Hey Holly,

First off, it’s always good to chat with a fellow coach. Personally, I’ve had a few students like this, and one of the best things you can do is really encourage them. They’ve likely linked negative emotions to that experience, so it’s not always easy to get them past it. However, it’s also important to remind them that just because something happened once before doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.

I know I battled with stage fright myself at one point in time… I was a pretty shy kid. But the thing is, every time you perform, it’s a different experience. My goal for a student like that would be to put them in as many performing experiences as possible… controlling who’s part of the audience at first, then slowly getting them in front of more and more people.

Having a student perform in front of a bunch of parents who have be instructed to really rave and praise every student that gets up on stage for their efforts can be a big help here.

I also highly suggest that my students do a handful of things before getting out on stage. They’re outlined in this video. You may forward this info (or video) onto this student and see if this helps. It really is a game changer for most people (esp the visualization part).

How to Get Over Stage Fright While Singing Video

Anyway, I think that about does it for me. I hope that this helps your student, and best of luck with your coaching and enriching the lives of your students in the future.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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