I’ve Been Sick, How Do I Get My Voice Back?

My allergies have been acting up lately, so I sound congested. Even when i get my  symptoms (stuffy nose mostly) under control I still cant sing the way I did a couple months ago. I still feel stuffy and cant really breathe right and i feel like im singing into my nose. Sounds ok to others, but i know i can do better. Am I doing something wrong? How do I get my voice back?

Hey Anya,


We’ve all been there. Like you said, even when the symptoms feel under control, it just doesn’t always feel the same. This can be because are cords are still swollen, or even because because we don’t hear the same sound because of congestion in our head.

Regardless, I think the solution to your problem is get yourself to feeling better. I know this may sound like it’s easier said than done, but here are a few things that you can do that may help:

Wash your hands regularly, drink plenty of water, get plenty of rest, avoid caffeine, as much as you can, eat healthier foods, and try to do moderate exercise (only what’s comfortable).

Doing these things, especially the first 3, will likely help expedite your road to feeling better (of course, I’m not a doctor, and am in now way trying to offer medical advice). You can also check out this article on Breathing and Singing to help at least your breath support throughout singing.


Get well soon!

~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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