I Don’t Want To Be the Next Pop Singer, But How Can I Improve My Voice?

I’m 14 years old, nearly fifteen and I suck at singing. My voice is way off pitch, I can’t carry a note, My voice cracks when I try to hit high notes etc. Like it’s not the worst I’ve heard but I would never want to listen to my self. People say to find the key that’s right for yours but I have no idea how to even do that. Can I improve my voice? Will it ever sound good? I have read for tips and I cant wait to try them. I dont want to be the next pop singer but I just want my voice to be good enough that people wont mind me singing along to a song in the car. (:

-Sharni (Australia)

I think that everyone can improve their voice, without question! Though, I will say that it takes longer for some than others.

It sounds to me like the first step you need to be focusing on is matching pitch. To do this, just make sure that when you’re singing, you’re listening to both yourself and the singer on the radio at the same time. Then, try to make sure you’re on pitch with them.

Now, some songs will be much easier for this than others. I’d suggest working on slower songs with a smaller range first, as you’ll find more success there. Once you get good at that, you’re on your way. Practice is another great way to get good at anything, make sure you apply this to the voice as well. You can check out my article on How to Improve Singing with Practice to get some good tips!

Hope this helps!
Happy Singing!

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