Any Tips for Increasing My Vocal Range?

So I’m a girl but I tend to have a deeper voice. I can’t hit anything very high because if I try my voice cracks badly. Any tips for increasing my vocal range?


Hey Jess,

Your situation is actually a very common one. From what it sounds like, you’re used to singing strictly in the deeper, more “solid feeling” part of the voice, also known as chest voice.

In chest voice, we feel like there’s more weight in the sound. As we sing higher, we have to drop some of that weight in order to maintain the sound. The reason you’re having issues is you’re taking too much weight (or you can think of it as pressure) up too high when you sing.

So what’s the solution for how to sing high notes? A mix voice.

Instead of building more and more pressure as you ascend in range, allow the flow of air to remain steady or you may even need to use less air. The perfect way to test whether you’re using too much air is by checking to see if it feels like there’s pressure in your throat. If there’s an uncomfortable amount of pressure, use less air.

Another thing that will help you transition between your bridges is narrowing the vowel. The higher you sing, the more you’ll narrow your vowels to allow the mix to happen. You can do this by keeping the corners of your mouth in instead of allowing them to spread out into a smile.

As a side note, you can sing higher with a smile… narrowing the vowel is more important in the back of the mouth than it is in the front of the mouth… it’s just easier to accomplish when you do it in both places. (Just wanted to mention that because I’m aware there are a lot of great singers that sing with a smile on their face :-)

Just by doing those two things, you should find your voice much more cooperative when you’re going after higher notes. Give it a try and let me know if that helps!

Happy Singing!
~ Ken Taylor

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