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I Need Help With My Range

 Hey Ken,

I have always had a problem with range. I can go from an F below the bass cleff up to an E(sometimes F) above middle C, without using falsetto. Not being able to go so high, I always have problems finding songs in my range. My choir teacher says that I should start using falsetto. Right now it sounds REALLY airy due to not being used very often…at all. and another goal is connecting my normal voice to falsetto. Well, that’s what my choir teacher said. Please reply soon!



Hey Austin,

I went through the same issue when I was in high school. Your goal isn’t so much that you want to use “falsetto” but rather head voice. Ideally, you’ll learn to connect your chest and head voice by using something called a mix voice.

Learning this balance can take time without question, and there are a handful of different methods that one can use to bridge these parts of their voice together. Below I’m including a link to an article on How to Sing High Notes that has some of the core principles of connecting these voices in it. Read it and apply what’s written in it and see if it helps.

You may also want to search on youtube for some videos to help give you guidance. I’m a big fan of Brett Manning and his coaches (actually, I’m going through his certification program right now). They post tons of free videos there that you’ll likely find helpful.

Best of luck!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor



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