I Sound Different on Video, is That My Real Voice?

I sound different on video. Is that my real voice?

Hey Kaitlyn,

We all sound different when we’re recorded to an extent. But there are a handful of reasons why.

First off, our ears don’t hear our singing exactly as it sounds when it comes out of our body because the sound is also resonating in our body, which we feel. This can alter our idea of how we interpret the sound. Also, we’re not placed in front of the sound b/c our ears are on the sides of our head, not in front of our mouths, and the placement from which we hear a sound can alter how we hear it. To prove this, just think about how the pitch of an ambulance siren changes as it approaches, then passes you (somewhat of an extreme example, but relevant all the same).

All that being said, the mics in most video cameras aren’t exactly the more reliable sources for providing you with an authentic sound either, as they’re generally cheaper than nicer mics designed for audio recording.

However, recording mics are not always the best source for exactly how your voice sounds, because in real life your voice will resonate in the space your in, and most recording studios are designed to prevent that type of natural resonance, then add reverb or something like that to reduplicate it to their exact desire.

Ok, now that I’ve exhausted some ideas on sound (and hopefully haven’t bored you to the point that you’ve clicked away), here’s the deal…

A recording can be a great tool for you to use when critiquing your voice, but do know that it’s not 100% accurate (especially video cameras and phones, because the mics in them are typically not that great of quality).

I hope this helps and didn’t bore you too much :-)

~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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