I Struggle to Sing Without Pressure in My Throat… How Can One Produce a Light Voice Easily?

Thank you Ken. You’ve helped me in some ways but still I need to sing freely without pressure in my throat. I have been trying to get over it, but haven’t gotten past it. And how can one produce light voice easily? Please leave me some advice.


Hey Rishakk,

Without hearing your voice I’m not 100% sure of your specific issue, but this response should help regardless.

Many singers often try to hard to “make” the sound come out. When they do that, they add unneeded musculature and pressure on the voice. So how do we get past it?

Well, one trick is to always maintain a steady flow of air no matter what part of your range you’re singing in. Said differently, don’t add more air when you sing higher.

Adding more air pressure when you sing higher causes there to be too much pressure under the vocal cords, and can result in unneeded muscles flexing in the throat and the larynx rising. This throws your whole vocal mechanism out of balance, making it difficult to sing.

So, all that being said, play with a couple of exercises where you slide from the bottom, to the top, then back to the bottom of your range… all while focusing on making sure that the flow of air coming out of you remains the same. If you still feel a lot of pressure on the higher notes and the air flow was steady, start with less air flow and see what happens. Also see my article on Improving Singing with Practice so you know the latest practice techniques!

Hope this makes sense. Best of luck!

Happy Singing!


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