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Is it Possible to Have Two Different Singing Voices?

Is it possible to have two different singing voices? Or is one the right one and the other one the wrong one?

I wish I had an example for you but right know I’ll just try to explain it to you:

The “first voice” I use while I sing is more or less the same as the one I use to talk to people, but it has a little bit more power or detail in its tune.

The “second voice” has a better resonance. I’d compare it maybe to the one you can hear in an Opera. It is much easier to control.

I hope you have an answer for me. Thank you at least for the opportunity to ask you this question ;)


Without question it’s possible to have different types of singing voices. I sing all sorts of different music, everything from pop to opera, and they’re all dramatically different from each other.

To answer your second question, “Is one right and the other wrong,” I’d have to argue it’s up to the singer and listener. True, from a technical perspective, there are people that will argue that singing a different way than them is “wrong,” but frankly, I think that’s kind of stupid.

We all have different musical tastes and preferences. As long as you aren’t hurting your voice (which you’d be able to feel), I say go for it! But look at this article for some good tips on Singing with Emotion to compliment both types of voices!

Best, Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comment field below. You never know who they might help :-)


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