Is It Possible to Sing Like Someone Else?

Hi! I want to change my voice to Thom Yorke’s voice and sing like him. Is that possible? How? ~ Bikashjit

Hey Bikashjit,

I’d argue it’s possible to learn to better mimic different singers once you become very in touch with your voice and how we create different sounds and tones. Though I will say that no two voices are exactly the same, and your instrument is different than his (the physical size of your mouth, vocal cords, resonance spaces, etc).

Is it possible to mimic a voice? …Sure it is.

I’d argue it’s better though to pick aspects of different singers voices that you like and work on them, then create your own style. There’s already a Thom Yorke out there. He’s already doing his thing and people like it. Do your own thing, and maybe people will like it too. Be yourself and own your own voice (while developing it to be the best it can be, of course), and I’d imagine you’ll find more success.

I hope this helps. Best of luck along your vocal journey!

~ Ken

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