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Is My Lack of Progress My Teacher’s Fault?

Hi my name is Julian and I’ve been taking lessons for about 3 years but I honestly dont see any improvement. Do you think its partly the teachers I took from? Being a musician all my life singing has always been my hardest and I really wantto be able to sing well to play gigs and etc. but I feel my voice is what holds me back. Please contact me and maybehelp me out if you can. Thank you!

Hey Julian, I can’t say with 100% certainty that it’s the teachers that haven’t been able to help you, but I know that there are a great number of “vocal cheerleaders” out there that simply let you sing through a song, say something like, “good job” then maybe give one critique and move on.

This can be somewhat helpful, but in the long run the progress is snail-pace slow and often, the singer plateaus quickly.

That being said, different teachers focus on different things. Some are great at singing performance, some are great for diction, others are wonderful at teaching classical style, while others are technicians and help you balance out your voice. To me, the latter is the most rare (or at least, they were the most difficult for me to find), but to me, is one of the most important for us to discover in order to take our voices to the next level.

Great improvement comes from breaking down our technique into super small compartments, perfecting that, then moving onto the next level. I typically do this with warm ups, and this often moves relatively quickly. Then, we apply it to the song in the same way… break down the song into super small compartments, focusing on the smaller details, then moving on adding more and more over time.

All of that being said, even when comparing the most effective teachers, we all have different methods. So, my way isn’t necessarily right… it’s just one of probably many paths to get you where you want to go.

Tell ya what, comment in the section below or email me back and let me know where you are located, and I’ll see if I can’t suggest a teacher for you, or perhaps a direction that might expedite your progress.

Talk soon,
Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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