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Is My Voice Maturing?

Hi, my names Zoey and I’m 13. I want to know if my voice is maturing. I have a normal speaking voice, but when I sing, it’s clear when I sing low but when I get higher, it turns airy. I’ve heard people with vibrato and I really want some of that in my voice.



Hey Zoey,


Based on your age, I’d say it’s likely that your voice is maturing, and yes, it’s very common for girls your age to experience a breathiness in your voice. This is due to a lack of cord closure.

I talk about cord closure towards the end of my Vocal Warm Up Exercises video, and explain how a singer can trick their voice into obtaining it. You can watch that here if you’d like –


I also just published a video on vibrato. Check it out here –


I hope that this helps, and best of luck in your vocal journey!


Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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