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Is Screaming/Yelling Really Bad for the Singing Voice?!

Singer Screaming into Mic

Is Screaming Bad for the Voice?

Today’s question comes from Jessica. She askes,

Hi! So… Is screaming or yelling really bad for the Singing Voice?! =(

Hey Jessica,

The answer to the question you asking is… Well, it depends.

If I were to take the average person off the street and tell them to yell or scream, 99% of the time the answer is a definite yes, what they’re doing would be bad for their singing voice.

However, there are ways to produce a grittier sound in a healthier, consistent manner that wouldn’t be near as taxing on your cords. It’s all about first learning how to balance out your voice technique wise, then learning one of the different ways you can produce the edginess you desire (there are a handful). From there, it’s an aspect of knowing your personal limits.

For example, I can sing Led Zeppelin for a song or two, but I don’t have the stamina to sing that way for long periods of time. So when I’m performing, I’ll arrange my songs accordingly so that I have a “break” song or two in between my more vocally demanding songs. Make sense?

I don’t really feel comfortable going into the technique of screaming here because it’s just more complex than a written article can cover. But, if you’re looking for more information on this, there was a DVD released by someone a while back called the Zen of Screaming that helped me quite a bit. I don’t know the coach personally, nor am I affiliated with them in anyway, I just liked it :-)

Hope this helps! Write a comment below to let me know what you think.

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