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Is Vocal Fry Bad?

Is vocal frying bad to do? My vocal coach has me doing several exercises that consist of this, and he says it greatly benefits your voice. But, I’ve read several articles saying it’s damaging. Any help would be much appreciated. ~Jordan

Hey Jordan,

There are definitely times that I’ll utilize vocal fry in my teaching, and I’m aware of vocal professors in universities that do the same. It’s a great way to help make sure the cords are coming together when one is using their voice.

I will however say this. When doing vocal fry, you want to make sure it’s easy. If you’re digging, you’re trying too hard. Over time, this can be negative for the voice.

Also, I think it’s equally as important make sure the larynx isn’t hiking up when you’re doing it. This kind of goes along with what I just said, because that would add unneeded pressure and tension to the process.

As long as you avoid those two things, and don’t go too overboard on doing vocal fry all the time, then it should help you more than hurt you.

One last parting though… vocal fry is a tool to help get cord closure, not something that you necessarily want to use forever. Once you have closure, you’ll likely find it more releasing to sing without it. Balance is always key.

I hope this helps!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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