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My Voice Seems to Give Out in the Middle of a Song, is There a Way To Fix That?

I am older — 67 — and have always been a first soprano (choir). But the past couple years, my voice sometimes gives out in the middle of a song, especially if it is in a higher register. Then, it seems as though I’m growling. Very weird.

Any way to stop that from happening?



Hello Sandy,

I don’t believe what you’re describing is that uncommon. As we grow out of our vocal prime, the voice becomes somewhat less reliable, and more so for singers that constantly sing in their higher register.

That being said, it might help to do a few things to ensure your voice is in the best shape it can be. These things include: drinking plenty of water, avoiding excessive caffeine, getting plenty of rest, and avoiding eating/drinking things that will either dry you out or cover your vocal cord.

Since you mentioned a “growling” sound, I’d imagine that’s a result of either dry cords, or cords with excessive phlegm on the cords. Dryness can be fixed by drinking water consistently. The cause of phlegm could be too many things for me to mention, if it’s phlegm, you may want to schedule an appointment with your doctor and see if there’s anything they’d suggest.


Hope this helps!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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