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What are Some Vocal Warmups and Ways to Find My Range

Hi, I’m Chantel: a 14 year old (freshman) musician. I’m quite new to singing and I’m going to take Chorus class next year. I just wanted to know some everyday exercises that would help improve my singing. I also wanted to know how to find out what my range is, and how to find out what my limits are.




Hey Chantel,

In the way of everyday exercises, I suggest that you check out my youtube page for some good concepts you can start working on. I’d start with breathing and singing and perhaps the vocal warm up video. But be sure and watch each of the vids, as they’ll all likely help you.

When it comes to discovering your range, I’d hold off on that for now. The last thing you want to do right now is “set” your range, creating expectations for what your voice can and should be. It’s good to know what you can sing (just singing along with a piano can easily show you that), but do know that your voice will change and grow quite a bit between now and the next decade or more, so don’t get too caught up in the details of what your present limits are.

I hope this helps.
~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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