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What Can I Do to Expand My Range and How Can I Shift Between Falsetto and Modal?

I am an amateur singer from india. I’m really helpless. I can sing only one and a half octave. I can’t afford a singing coach. What can i do to expand my range? Sometimes when I try high notes my voice breaks. And by the way, how can I shift from modal to falsetto without the awkward break. Please help. Thanks


The solution you’re looking for is to find your mix voice. A 1.5-2 octave range is common for a male singer that sings only in chest voice. So my suggestion is to work on developing your head voice (which is different than falsetto… both describe a higher part of your range, but falsetto has a breathy sound because of a lack of cord closure, while head voice does not).

Once you can create a comfortable, full sound in head voice, you’ll be better able to establish a mix voice, which allows you to transition from your lower to upper register seamlessly.

Check youtube for videos of teachers working on head voice (it’s kind of hard to explain in an article). It’ll feel awkward at first, and most guys complain about it feeling girly sounding, but you can’t create that mix voice without it, so it’s important to get comfortable with.

After that, your goal will be to move onto developing your mix voice. I’ve given a few suggestions for how you can get into that in How to Sing High Notes 

I hope this helps. Best of luck to you on your vocal journey!


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