What Should I Drink Before My Audition?


I have auditions today and My vocal coach says to drink a lot of water (tap water at room temp.) but I don`t like the taste of tap water and I can`t drink cold water because it will make my voice tense and hot water will make my voice crack. Can I put some flavor in the water and if so what flavor is best?

I actually agree with your coach… the best thing you can drink right before singing is water at room temperature. However, cold or warm water will only shocks the cords for a brief period of time, so if you like cold water, just stick with that (just don’t drink it like seconds before you sing).

That being said, I think one of the most important parts of keeping a healthy voice is staying hydrated in general. Drinking lots of soda and little to no water dehydrates you, and has a negative effect on the vocal cords. The sad fact is, that’s exactly what most people do.

Staying hydrated is more of a “lifestyle” thing than it is a “let me do this for an audition” thing. As long as you stay hydrated in general, you won’t really need to do anything special for your audition. Does that make sense?

All that being said, just keep yourself hydrated and don’t drink anything that would coat your throat right before you sing and you’ll be fine.

Best of Luck at your Audition!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

ps – I skipped the part about flavoring because it sounded like you enjoy cold water. Personally, I’ll add a little lemon or lime to my water, but it does coat my cords in a way. So it works for me, but may not be the perfect solution for you. If you’re still interested in trying different flavors, test out different ones and see what works best for you.


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