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What Sound Should We Try to Produce While Singing?

 I have a deep voice. Right now, i can sing with two type of sound.

The first one is like my normal speaking voice. It kinda comfortable, but when it reach high note, the breaks happen. The second one is also comfortable and it sounds like soft breathy sound. I can hit high notes without crack or breaks.

I want to ask a very basic question. When we want to sing, what sound should we produce? Is it starting from our original speaking voice(deep voice) or make it soft and breathy?



Hey Wan,


What you’re describing is your chest voice and falsetto or head voice. Ideally, we want both, and then to learn how mix the two together, so that we can transition from one to the other (chest voice on the bottom part of your range, more of a mix as we get around middle C, then head on the top).

I’m likely going to put out of a video on mix voice here fairly soon, but I’ve written a few articles about it that you can look at. My mentor’s company also has many different pieces of content about it, some that are videos and are free.

Anyway, check out this article first, and if you have any other questions, feel free to search youtube for singing success videos on mix voice.

Best of luck bro!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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