What Types of Techniques Would Help Me Become a Better Solo Singer?


Hi i am a guy with a pretty high voice I can naturally sing alto gospel and I can go into soprano sometimes but my true range is alto but i have a range also in tenor and bass that I can hit. I would like some tips on how to become a better solo singer because when I sing solo i have a tendency to go sharp when I start to hit higher notes but when I sing with my choir I have a tendency to be more in tune what techniques can I use to reduce from going sharp and what types of techniques would help me train my voice to become a better solo singer.

Hey AJ,

Judging by what you’re saying, I’d attribute you pitch problems in your “solo” voice to one of two things:

A) Nerves. You start singing by yourself, and it causes you to get a little bit more nerved up than normal, so you end up pushing sharp, or…

B) You grasp the key from other singers around you. Sometimes when people sing in groups they get into the habit of relying on the singers around them to keep them in the key of the song, as opposed to the music. Said differently, they listen more to the singers and reflect the key of the singers, than they do the background music of the song. This causes a problem when they go to sing solo parts because they lose the other people and therefore have trouble placing the pitches in their head.

If you think A is the issue, then read this article about helping to get past stage fright. However, if it’s B, then I have an assignment for you.

For the next few months you sing with your choir, I want you to start paying more attention to the music than the other singers. Get your cues off of the music… learn the melody lines in it, become familiar with the rhythm. Once you do that more, I’d imagine you’ll have less issues when you move onto solo singing.

I’m trying to keep these questions to one answer a piece since I’m getting so many of them, but to give you a quick answer on how to train yourself to be a better solo singer, I’d suggest a few things.

1. If you can, get a teacher. They’ll be able to give you more specific advice based upon your voice than I can online knowing very little about you.

2. Know that there’s a BIG difference between singing solo and in a group. Biggest difference is the solo voice is unique, whereas the group singers all have to sing in the same way. Work towards developing your own style, on singing with emotion, and you’ll get much further as a solo singer.

I hope this helps. Keep up the good work and let me know if any of this helps.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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