Why Can’t I Sing Low Pitches?

Well here is my problem,
I can sing well for me normally and comfortably till I sing lower and my voice sounds crocky like also when I try and sing high from my comfortable tone it sounds like I skip tones and I go from a little high to extremely high with no between but I can sing extremely high with ease can you help,
also I’m doing a musical theatre assessment and have to sing is there any tips to help me sing in a musical (I have no problem with confidence) oh and I’m 15 so my voice might just be braking.



Hey Luke,

Okay, so it sounds like you have the normal holes a lot of younger singers have, and all of this is caused by an instability of your vocal mechanism. The first thing I want you to do is read the article on How to Sing High, not because you want to learn how to sing high, but because it outlines how to better balance your voice.

Once you do that, I want you to start singing with your thumb on your larynx and just notice any movement. Ideally, it’ll be nearly motionless when you sing. Things that’ll make it pop include too much air pressure, vowels that are too wide, and pressing too much to sing high notes. Release any tension in the tongue and focus on balancing out the larynx (as described in the article), and you’ll discover a much more consistent voice throughout your entire range.

I hope this helps, man. Best of luck to ya!

~ Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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