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Why Do We Wear Headphones When Singing in the Studio?

I am not a professional singer, but I have one doubt that while singing in studio we put on head phones. Why? Can we here our own voice while singing? If not, when singing in groups how do we know that our turn has come?

~ Vidya from India

Hello Vidya,

When singing in the studio, you should be able to hear each others voice in the headphones. We use headphones in the studio so that the mic is picking up only the sound of your voices, NOT the music. If it picked up the music and your voices, it would make it much more difficult to mix.

Basically, the reason headphones are used is it helps produce a cleaner, higher quality sound AND gives the studio engineers more flexibility when mixing.

Hope this helps explain the process a little bit better. Good luck in the studio!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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