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Why Does My Lip Twitch When I Sing?

Every time I’m about to sing I feel fine, but when I do my lip like twitches and then it makes me feel and sound stupid. How do I not make my lip twitch? Also how do I not make my voice crack when I sing high notes but I want to reach them with my full vocals?



Hey Kristyn,


It sounds to me like your whole thing is mental. The solution to your problem is simple, but not necessarily easy. It comes in two steps:


  1. Practice enough that you’re confident in your singing and performance.
  2. Perform enough that it’s not a big deal.


Once again, this is easier said than done, but let me explain my story about how I got over stage fright.


I started singing at age 11, and every time I got on stage to perform until I was nearly 16 I was terrified. It wasn’t until I started working at a little theme park that used to be in my hometown of Memphis that I got past it. And do you know how I did that?


Well, I was performing 5 shows a day, 5 days a week. After a couple of weeks of doing this, I realized a couple of things.


  1. No matter how much I practiced, I was occasionally going to mess up, and…
  2. 5 minutes after I performed, I was the only one that anywhere near cared that I did mess up.


You see, we build up this great big standard for ourself that we can’t possibly live up to (ie – I’ll never mess up and embarrass myself in front of others). But ironically the truth is, once we let go of the idea that messing up is such a big deal, we release much of the stress that prevents us from doing our best in the first place.


So, once again, practice enough that you’re confident in what you doing and perform enough that you become comfortable with not having to be perfect. Do that, and I’ll bet that your lip twitch will disappear.


Also, when it comes to singing higher, check out this article on How to Sing High. Best of luck!

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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