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Why Does My Throat Hurt After I Sing?

Hello there, so I’ve been singing a lot these days (because I am auditioning with my friend on my school talent show) and I just want know why my throat hurts after I sing. I am worried, please help me! Thank You! :)



Hey Arianne,

If your throat is hurting after singing, you’re definitely pushing your voice too hard when you sing. But no worries, here are a few tips to help you avoid this type of vocal fatigue in the future.

1.   Singing Should Be As Relaxed As Speaking.

If you’re “trying” when you sing, forcing the sound out instead of relying on your voices natural ability to project, then you’re working way too hard. To learn more about how to avoid this, read here.

2.   Understand Space Creates the Fullness of the Sound.

When Singing, an important note to realize is that space creates the fullness of the sound, not pressing. You’re actually restricting your ability to sing when you control the sound. You can learn more about this principle in this video.

3.   Rid Yourself of Unnecessary Tension

      Any tension in your voice gets in the way, and it’s relatively common for a singer to experience tension in their tongue as well as the external muscles of the throat. Here’s an article that shares just how you can teach yourself to Get Rid of Unnecessary Voice Tensions.

I know I attached a handful of different pieces of info, but the more you learn on this topic, the better you’ll get and the less likely you’ll continue to experience that fatigue.


I hope that this helps!


Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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