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Why Does My Voice Hurt?

I am an gospel vocalist.  I noticed after singing my voice is sore.  It becomes difficult to speak.  What am I doing wrong?


Hey Stephanie,

I’m not 100% sure what specifically you’re doing wrong, but you’re definitely working your instrument harder than it’s intended to be worked, otherwise you wouldn’t be experiencing fatigue.

Vocal balance is key when we’re singing, especially for long periods of time. In order to balance your voice, you really need to work toward singing with more of a speech level amount of pressure.

I think a lot of singers that have issues with fatigue are simply trying too hard. They force the sound out instead of allowing it to come out. For more guidance on how you can create your sound more effortlessly, I’m going to recommend that you look at two sources.

First, read my article on How to Sing High Notes. This article goes into much more detail on how to create that speech level type coordination you want to incorporate into your singing.

Secondly, watch the video I’m including below on How to Sing Louder Effortlessly. This video will help share a concept with you that will allow you to create more sound without having to force it out in any way.

I hope this helps you in your journey. Best of luck, and keep me posted on how all this goes.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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