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Why is My Throat Sore After I Sing?

I sing in a choir at my church and I’ve noticed that when I get done singing my throat is so sore. What can I do to avoid this?



Hey Gardenia,
I’ve gotten this question a few times actually. The first thing I suggest you do is make sure that you sing a little warm up on your way to choir Sunday morning. Most of the time when church meets, it’s relatively early in the morning and our voices aren’t ready to sing, and without a proper warm up, we tend to over sing.

Check out the video for more guidance on How to Warm Up your voice (embed Vocal Warm Up Exercises video)

Within that video, you’ll notice a lot of focus being placed on vocal balance instead of forcing the sound out. If your throat hurts when you get finished singing, you’re probably trying way too hard. Instead, consciously decide that you’re going to sing with the same pressure as you speak. As long as singing feels the same as speaking, then you’ll likely have much fewer issues with vocal stamina.

I hope this helps you continue to live up to your full potential while sharing the gift that God gave you.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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