I have been singing for 3 years now. Recently, when I perform with a group at church afterwards I notice that I have damaged my voice, but I don’t experience this when I sing with my chamber choir at school. It never used to get damaged. So my question is, why does my voice get damaged so easy now (occurring for more than 3 weeks)?
P.S. damaged=not being able to sing high notes nor low notes anymore.

Hey Isa,

If I were to guess, I’d imagine your problem has to do with the intensity in which you’re singing. In a smaller group, we usually need to sing out more whereas in a larger choir, it’s not as crucial. Said differently, a smaller solo group typically utilizes more of a full voice (like chest voice), and choir often times incorporates more head voice.

Perhaps you’re over exerting yourself while singing in your church group? If you think this might be the case, read my articles on How to Sing High Notes. You may not be struggling with high notes, but it describes a method of singing that should require less effort on your part, preventing your problem.

Another thing to look out for is this… we often sing in church earlier in the morning than we would in like a school choir. If you’re singing earlier in the morning, your voice may not be as warmed up as it needs to be, causing you to experience more vocal fatigue. If this is the case, try to go through a vocal warm up before you start to sing at church and see if it helps. (here’s a video I did to help give you some guidance on that – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_-FUztYMMo)

I hope this helps, and regardless as to what happens, I’d definitely encourage you keep up your singing at church. To me, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to utilize the talents that you’ve been given to help lead in worship :-)

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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