Why is Uncomfortable to Sing in Middle of My Range

I am a 15 year old male. I have been singing since a very small child. When puberty hit, I lost ALL my range, I probably  could not even hit a F3. But after working hard to get my range back, I got it all the way up to a Eb 4. I think that’s an excellent jump! I am pleased with my range. But now I have like a missing note in my voice kind of. it’s uncomfortable for me to sing in the middle of a song a Ab3. That’s where my voice goes from chest voice to head. Can someone explain why that is?? I personally think because of my age and the maturity of my voice. If you know, please inform me :)!



There are common bridges that we experience as singers. Most males experience their first bridge around middle C, but it’s not that uncommon for a singer to bridge a third off of that. I honestly think it’s more related to your voice changing than anything.

It’s not overly likely that your voice change is complete, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. In general though, what I’d imagine is your larynx wants to jump while you’re singing in that area, and/or you’re singing with too much air pressure. If you can learn to smooth that out, and prevent your larynx from rising, then you’ll be in a good place.

You can learn more about how to do this in this article – https://askavocalcoach.com/articles/how-to-sing-high-notes/

I hope this helps. If not, be patient. You’ll find more consistency in your voice as your voice matures.

Vocal Coach Ken Taylor

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