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Will Switching from Classical to Mainstream Music Hurt Your Voice?

I am a music student currently being trained in the classical genre, one time in university I was messing about in the practice rooms with a friend singing more “belt” songs and a member of staff overheard me and now wants me to sing somebody to love at a concert. I am not used to this type of singing and am petrified that I will damage my voice or something. Do you have any general tips for this style of singing for me?


If this is a one time engagement I wouldn’t worry too much about vocal damage. Here’s the deal…

You being a classical singer, I’d imagine you are much more aware of your voice than the average person and I bet you can tell when something’s off. You know when you’re pushing your voice too much, right?

That being said, if this is just a one time thing and you’re not interested in this type of singing in the future, I’d simply suggest don’t over practice to the point of creating new vocal habits and you’ll be good.

Trust yourself to be your own guide in this aspect. If you’re uncomfortable and your voice feels tired while practicing… stop. You don’t want to develop the habit of singing in a manner that isn’t you, and you don’t want to pick up bad habits either.

Lastly, don’t be afraid! Play around with different sounds. Too many people (especially in the classical world…I know because I was one of them) try to operate in this tiny little box of “proper technique.” But, the people who make it are the ones that have a uniqueness to their voice, straying from the rules.

This isn’t a new concept. The same concept applied to all the big named composers. They learned the rules, then they broke the rules by adding their spin on things and not only did people enjoy it, they started a movement!

(wow, I can’t believe I’m actually using something from my music history classes… guess it paid off to stay awake during the :p)

Anyway, I’m just blabbing now, so I’ll stop. I hope this helps and knock ‘em dead! I included some help on Performance Tips to make sure your show is top notch as well!


Vocal Coach Ken Taylor




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